Estate & Trust Matters

May 21, 2023
What is the best way to tell children about estate plans?
Discussing estate plans with children is a delicate matter that requires..
March 9, 2023
What are the 10 steps to creating an elder law estate plan?
Before doing anything formally - the most important thing you must consider is ..
February 21, 2023
How do Medicare Supplemental Needs Trusts Work?
Supplemental needs trusts (SNTS) are an important tool for individuals with disabilities...
February 21, 2023
How do Medicare Pooled Income Trusts Work?
It is important to note that the eligibility requirements for joining a pooled income trust may vary..
February 21, 2023
Can I plan for Medicaid Eligibility?
Planning for Medicare Eligibility is not necessarily complex.
February 21, 2023
What is the best way to avoid probate?
There are several ways to avoid probate including...
January 13, 2023
Are there 2023 tax changes that impact estate planning?
There are a number of changes in law that impact estate laws in 2023.
January 10, 2023
When should I update my will?
Your will is an important legal document that outlines your wishes and...
January 9, 2023
Do I need to be rich to have an estate plan?
No. An estate plan can be as simple...
January 9, 2023
How do I create or update a will and minimize estate taxes?
Creating a will is the first step in planning...
January 9, 2023
My children are under 18, how can I best protect them if I die?
If you are concerned about your minor children,...
January 9, 2023
Can my business be protected in an estate plan?
Yes. There are several ways to protect your business...
January 9, 2023
How do I provide for charitable giving in my will or estate plan?
In order to provide for charitable giving, you can...
January 9, 2023
What is a power of attorney and can I change it anytime?
A power of attorney for an estate plan gives another...